Friday, March 6, 2009

Beautiful Snowy Garden

We had a big snow storm on Sunday night.. it was the biggest snow we had this winter and we sure enjoyed it.. These photos were taken Monday morning. School was canceled for the day and the whole family had fun out in the white stuff.. Funny thing is that it was mostly gone by Wednesday with temps around 50! and today the projected temp is 70! Seems odd after having a morning temp on Tuesday of 12.. But that is Western North Carolina for you. We get winter... but it rarely stays around for long. Thank you southern exposure.
I had just planted my baby salad starts out in the garden... but I had them covered with row cover... a double layer on one bed and the other bed is under glass...
I peeped into the glass covered bed to check on the babies.. they seem to be doing okay... the row-covered bed looks good too. Today I will open the covers and let the warm air get in.
I'll post some picture of the grand opening later today..
Have a good day. Spring is on the way! YAY!