Saturday, July 19, 2008

Minor adjustments to Rainwater Barrels

The proof of anything is always in the using... well, in using my rainwater barrels for watering I have found that because of the height of the barrels, I was wasting too much water in spillage whenever I filled my watering can.
Lowering the barrels was not an option because I need the difference in height to make the overflows from one barrel to the next really work. So I figured that adding an extension hose to effectively deliver the water directly into the watering can was the way to go!I got some old garden hose and bought some fittings for about a buck each and custom made hose extensions for each of the higher barrels. Each extension is incrementally shorter as the barrels go downhill. The watering can fits under the hose and it keeps all the water in the can... No spillage. Problem solved.
Necessity is the mother of invention!


Gordon Smith said...

BlogAsheville netizen,

See you Friday?

Roses and Lilacs said...

Wonderful setup. You've done a great job.

Without spending a fortune plus shipping, I can't find any barrels in my area. I've been trying to build my own water collection system for some time, but don't think $75 a barrel is cost effective.

Beth Molaro said...

Check out places that use barrels for other things.. Food grade are the best...
I have been told that these olive barrels can be had for about 5 bucks each..
Maybe call a local food distributor place and see if they can point you in a new direction..
Good Luck!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Beth thank you for the tip on finding barrels.

Affiliate Marketing Tips said...

Its very true and practical thought.

Gail said...


These posts have been so helpful to me! Thanks, Gail

Gail said...

Beth, I hope you don't mind...I've linked to your blog today..


tina said...

Gail's link sent me over. Very nice series of posts and also on your garden and victory gardens. I am in the process of making some rain barrels but hubby and I are stumped. The bottom spigot is going to have to be threaded into the barrel with no backer. This is hard for us as I am worried it will leak. We cannot access from the top. Seems there are so many ways to make barrels so I guess we'll kind of do like you, trial and error. You have a great setup.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Beth,
Gail sent me, lol. You have a great set up there, commendable indeed! We've toyed with the idea of collecting rain in the past, but this year they would have been bursting, especially back in June when we had all the flooding. Still, what a great way to collect yet another one of Nature's unappreciated bounties....


Gordon Smith said...

Hiya Urban Plotter,

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