Thursday, January 15, 2009

Garden to Remind Ourselves of Hope

My Family gave me a bounty of new garden books for Christmas. I am a lucky woman!
Right now I am reading one called GRASSROOTS GARDENING: Rituals for Sustaining Activism by Donna Schaper. I am still in the Preface but here is a great quote.
As a gardener, I have a front-row seat on global warming and the many other idiocies of capitalism untamed. Humanity is headed for a brick wall of inequality and injustice that breeds war and destroys the air. I believe we can change; that is what makes me an activist. I garden to remind myself of my hope.


Patrice Farmer said...

That sounds like a really good book. I am gonna put that on my wishlist.

Ronnie said...

I agree. I think the impact of Gardening is underestimated...but HOPEfully not for long! :)

lkw said...

I love the idea of 'I garden to remind myself of my hope' -- I personally have found gardening (both restoring the habitat of our yard for wildlife and vegetable gardening) and doing garden outreach to be among the most powerful things that I do (as an activist, or not) -- and they do bring hope.

Gardening can be stewardship (of the earth) or it can be extractive, and everything in between. It's hopeful to be a good steward.

Thanks for the book suggestion -- I bumbled on your blog as a new resident of Asheville (part-time for now).