Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Evergreen Cob - Day 1

Last week we built the foundation for our cob bench project. We dug the shape of the foundation down 8 inches or so, then dug a drainage ditch and filled both with gravel. Then built up 2 courses of "urbanite". Urbanite is recycled scrap concrete.. it is beautiful in it's own way, each piece unique and rugged. The center part is more urbanite and gravel.. The kids will add their cob right onto this form.
We started to working with the kids yesterday at Evergreen on their cob bench project. What excitement! Mud Days are here.
Tarps are laid out and ready for the kids to arrive. Each tarp has a bucket of sand poured out and a bucket of very wet clay measured out and waiting to be dumped.
Straw is added after the clay and sand are mixed by foot. Funny to see how many kids don't want to get dirty.. You would think that they would not need much encouragement to jump in.. and most do.. jump in that is.. but a few were tentative and some would not even touch the stuff... FUNNY!
More pictures to come!

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