Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chilling News

(NaturalNews) According to a recent Associated Press investigation, agri-giant Monsanto regularly employs business practices that not only aim to eliminate all competition, but essentially position the company as the sole proprietor of all things related to food. While old news to many in the natural health community, the mainstream press is beginning to recognize the world domination tactics being employed by Monsanto that are slowly destroying the integrity of the global food supply.
Reading this article just gave me the chills. Really, this is the stuff of a scary sci-fi  movie. But the really scary part is that it is real and happening in our world and that this company is so advanced in it's take-over that it will take a lot to stop them.
According to Neil Harl, an agricultural economist from Iowa State University, Monsanto now has patented control over 90 percent of seeds and seed genetics, a chilling notion that has far-reaching consequences. Since the company regularly buys up independent seed companies, its competition is dwindling and the prices for its patented seeds continue to rise.
I am not exactly certain what we can do. Write to whoever you can think of that has connection to this issue. Write to the Justice Department. Tell them that this is not good for anyone and that the ramifications of this way of doing business are beyond comprehension. In my post, Noxiousness to the Organism, I  told you about the consequences of ingesting these GMO crops on our liver and kidneys and this control of seed crops is serious stuff!
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and at least two state attorneys general are probing Monsanto's contracts and agreements that many are alleging violate antitrust laws. Everything from exerting unreasonable control on farmers who purchase its seeds to flat out lying about their benefits is under investigation.
What else can we do?
Not buy what they are selling... and I admit, with control over 90 % of seed patents that can be a bit tricky.. But if we demand that GMOs be labeled and if we seek out foods that are non-GMO, it will be a start. Tell others what you are doing and how you feel about this issue. While it affects all of us, many people are unaware of the problems associated with GMOs or with the business practices of this company. Spread the word! And when you purchase seed for your garden, consider heirloom varieties and open-pollinated seed. Also look to the small or local seed companies.
Many seed growers and crop farmers feel cornered by Monsanto as it solidifies its control over the entire seed and crop industry. Most have no other option but to continue using Monsanto products or else face ruin. Unless the DOJ steps in and clamps down on Monsanto's quest for total control, the world's food supply may eventually be controlled by a single biotechnology corporation.
 We need to take control now before it is too late. We need to raise up our voices, vote with our dollars, spread the word and make personal choices that will make a difference.


Michelle said...

It is so scary! www.organicconsumers.org is a great site. They even have tons of petitions you can sign and pre made emails to specific govt people. All you have to do is sign up.

Have you seen food inc.? It is a stunning portrait of what is happening to our food.

Nothing but food safety should ever be controled when it comes to our food!

That's why I am going to have my own CSA someday.

Beth Molaro said...

I agree OCA is a great way to get involved!

Yes I saw Food Inc... Amazing.. I knew lots of it but I thought that the movie was very well done and effective!

Good luck with the CSA!

bed frames said...

This is really one hell of a scary news. Control over food should not be done. They are killing an industry that will never die.

Beth Molaro said...

We must each do what we can to make a difference!