Monday, February 11, 2008

The Second Year of Garden Bliss

During the beginning of our second year, I still had some help for my garden partners. We expanded the vegetable plot to 47' X 48', double the first year! We re-did the fence to include the expanded area. But after ordering seed and getting our starts going, another gardening friend lost the place where she had gardened for 7 years. So began the rescue effort for S's garden. We got as many of her starts as we wanted along with a worm bin and shitake logs. Let me tell you, it was a bounty! J. was helping S. dig plants and move them and I was at the garden putting them in and preparing the expanded garden area for use. It was a busy few weeks but we salvaged great plants. I didn't initially get as much planted as I had planned but we still had 53 tomato plants, enough basil to still be eating pesto that I put up through the summer, dried hot peppers, tomatillo salsa, canned tomatoes. We just ate the last of the potatoes and the sweet potatoes and we are still working on the garlic and onions that I braided after our harvest.
Help in the garden got more and more sporadic and now J. has moved back to Georgia and I am on my own.

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