Sunday, March 28, 2010

HazMat on the Farm

I found this image along with an article called How to Protect Yourself from 7 Food-System Threats
at It is a piece that obviously talks about what you can do. It is a great article and I urge you to read it, ask questions and implement their suggestions wherever you can. 
I guess what struck me the most, was this image! I just had to share it with you... Look at those hazardous materials suits.  At first look, does it say farming to you? Does it say food? Does it convey safety of the food grown in this manner? Not to me! IF this is conventional farming, I don't want anything to do with food produced in this manner. 
Buying organic may cost more at the grocery store, but the cost we pay in health care and the environment is so much greater with the cheaper alternative. I choose to grow my own, know my farmer, or buy organic. It really does matter!


Elephant's Eye said...

What is frightening, is that in our first/third world country - those same nasty chemicals are used. But without the hazmat suits. Either way, it is in the air, the soil, the groundwater, the 'food', and the people.

Urban Dirt Girl said...

Like most things in life, you have to take responsibility for your own food by either growing it yourself or finding a local safe source.

Whats sad is that folks eat vegetables thinking they are being healthy but unfortunately, unless its organic, it's not!

Amber said...

Ouch...scary, isn't it?

That's why I'm happy to grow my own food, and why I have to do it in raised beds and containers since my yard was trashed by previous tenants.

Phew! Haz-mat suits in gardens make no sense to me.

Roasted Garlicious said...

wow... the hazmat suit pic is scary... but am i suprised, nope! several years ago i took my grandson on a cross country adventure and driving south in California we came across 'crop-dusting'... my grandson was excited to the see the plane, until i told him what they were doing.. and when the plane flew over the freeway( with the 'stuff spewing out) we held our breathes as long as we could... i'm so thankful that i have my own garden, sans chemicals!!!