Friday, April 15, 2011

The CHICKENS are coming!

The Chickens are coming!
I did it. Today I purchased six 7 week old Rhode Island Reds for our Urban Plot. Let the next phase of "grow your own" begin.

We now have until Tuesday to get the coop built and the run put up! You know, sometimes you just have to paint yourself into a corner to make the things happen that you want to have happen... otherwise it is easy to keep putting it off. It is the getting started that can be hard to get to! But when I give US a deadline... well, stuff starts happening!
I have been wanting to get chickens for a very long time. But just for your amusement... I am amused.. here is the "timeline" for painting myself (and David) into this corner we are now in!
  • For many years: Reading about getting chickens, planning and dreaming and wondering where to put the coop in our yard. Looking at coop plans, will it be a tractor or a stationary coop? Etc...
  • 4 months ago: Finally figured out where I want to put the coop and pen! In the shady bottom of the garden where nothing really grows well, but where chickens will be happy.
  • 3 weeks ago: I took a "Getting Started with Chickens" class at Eagledove Greenhouse in our neighborhood. It rocked!
  • 2 weeks ago: I ordered plans for the City Biddy Chicken Coop
  • 1 weeks ago: I  purchased water and feeder units for my theoretical girls.
  • Today I went in a paid for 6 chickens at Eagledove to pick up on Tuesday... The deadline is set!
Here is an image of the coop we are working towards... although ours will have a front porch for the girls...
Stay tuned for pictures of our progress and of our actual coop.


Flowering Trees Tennessee said...

I took a "Getting Started with Chickens" class at Flowering Trees Tennesseein our neighborhood..

Summer said...

Of all the things my mom misses about having her own land, the biggest is having chickens. I was never a fan (what adolescent who has to shovel the crap would be? lol). But she used to love sitting out and watching her hens. Thought it was very therapeutic:) Hope you hit your deadline and have lots of fun:)

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Graceful Growers said...

Beth, how are your chickens doing? I have some new girls (born April 1)added to the flock now totalling about 20 who are now starting to lay.
Am also expanding my vermiculture efforts and hope to be selling worms and castings next year. I've added you to my Google+ gardeners circle. Best, Jim G.

Garden Sheds said...

Nice post! Have fun raising your chicken. How are they doing now?

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charmel tan said...

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lyn lee said...

It makes me remember the video game called chicken invader. I know it has nothig to do with it but I love chickens. I love your blog. Keep it up!

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Julie & Zach said...

Aloha Beth!

I can't find a contact email for you, so I'm hoping this comment can find you.

I'm julie hawke. Currently residing in Laie, HI. I'm a big fan of you and Urban Plot. I've used several of your fantastic quotes on twitter and facebook. Thank you for those.

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This marketplace is a space for food producers (gardeners, farmers, bakers, preservers, etc.) to list their goodies for their communities with personal vendor shops. Buyers view these organized by zip code, so it is always local with neighbors buying from neighbors.

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