Thursday, October 9, 2008

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

You know that time between really waking and not quite still sleeping.. that seems to be the time that I remember dreams best... Well I woke from a strange one this morning. It seemed that the city decided that home gardens needed to be permitted. With a hefty permit fee of course and all sorts of odd rules. Rules about everything and mostly rules that made no good sense. Yikes.. The permit would require an end to the season, a specified date when the garden would need to be shutdown for the winter and covered over with some sort of impervious cover so the it could "rest" properly... It had rules about what could be grown and what was not allowed. And rules about when to plant and what chemical applications were required.
What really got me was that one of the best reasons for home gardening is that not only do you know where your food comes from and how it was grown but that you don't have to worry about the regulations or lack of regulatory oversight for our food industry.
I tell you it was the strangest dream!

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Shibaguyz said...

DREAM?!?!? I'd call that one a NIGHTMARE!! Please tell me this is not some commentary on something real that is happening somewhere in this country!! AAAGGHHH!! Great... anxiety attack... breathe... she said it was just a dream... it's not real... nobody would EVER be able to regulate what someone did on their own private property in the privacy of their own home... right??? RIGHT???